Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I got one of them there QR Codes

Have you seen these things in magazine ads or maybe some stories/ads you see on the internet? I do internet marketing for a living, so I see them a lot. I finally decided to get myself one - maybe I'll put it on a T-shirt or something, so people know for sure that I'm a pretty big deal (read: dork).

Search Engine Land explains what a QR Code is and why you need one, so I won't.

I got mine at - free and very simple, and didn't have to give them personal stuff.

Oh, and if you want to scan that badboy and see what it does, send your iPhone over here.

SPOILERS: It links to my Twitter account.


Dean Collins said...

check out if you want a 60 second overview of the more advanced functions.

Jamie said...

Good read - Thanks Dean